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About Linda Lusardi
Linda Lusardi is one of the UK’s most successful and recognisable celebrities. Her modelling career started in 1976 when she was 18 and has now spanned 30 years and has included great success as an actress and TV presenter.

Linda has been photographed by some of the world’s most celebrated photographers including the likes of David Bailey and Lord Lichfield. And it was with some of these great names that she learned her undoubted skill as a image conscious photographer herself.

Linda explains “I put some of my success down to the fact that I would always be coming up with ideas for the photo shoots and would sometimes rearrange the lighting. The photographers liked my help and enthusiasm and often took me on trips as a model but also to help out with new models make up and styling.” She continued “It was inevitable that I would learn about photography lighting and most importantly how to make people look their best in photographs.”

There a hundreds of makeover shows, from surgical makeover’s to fashion and style makeover’s. Now Linda is offering a unique opportunity for a makeover with a difference. Linda explains “This is a photographic makeover, to create the best pictures of the subject so they can enjoy them for their lifetime and for future generations to admire”

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About Linda Lusardi
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